Welcome to voovode's network.

This is my personal website, it's the third time i`m revamping the whole site, this time hopefully the last one. Voovode is my nickname as you may know already, i`ve been using it everywhere.

Voovode.NET started as nextv1s10n, a blog for tech tips, renamed to and redesigned as a notebook for me - i`ve kept drafts and published stories about my daily job. This time it's changed into a vCard style, including my blog..., it's trends :)

My Skills


PHP, SQL, AJAX, HTML5/CSS3, Wordpress, Magento, L2J, Powershell/Bash.

System Administration

Windows, OS X, Debian, RHEL, ArchLinux, VMWare ESXi, Proxmox.

Networking / Security

Wireshark, Untangle, pfSense, SonicWALL, iptables, IDA Pro, Nessus, metasploit.

Problem Analysis

Critical Thinking

Project Management

Public Speaking

Contact Details

Alex Gkiouros
Date of Birth
November 5, 1991
Ptolemaida, Greece
Marital Status
Work Status

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